How does Google Alerts Work and Why It Doesn’t

How does Google Alerts Work and Why It Doesn’t

Learn about Google Alerts and why we need Google Alerts alternatives.

A Google alert is simple to set up – just search a keyword, click on ‘create alert’ and, – voila – we’ve got a new Google Alert. Google will start sending email alerts whenever it finds updates matching our keyword on the web. It is one of the most popular services for tracking the Internet. Most professionals use or have used it at some point.

However, it falls short of meeting the expectations of many professionals. Too often, it throws up unwanted results or misses out on important ones. Strangely, information missing in alerts can, sometimes, be found in a simple Google search. This makes organizations realize the need for a Google Alerts alternative.

The quality of our decisions depends on the information that we have. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how does google Alerts work and why it doesn’t in some cases. This understanding will help us to set our expectations right and to take corrective measures where Google Alerts falls short.

This post evaluates the current state of Google Alerts and attempts to understand it by looking at its life journey – from its birth until today. It is about understanding how important Google Alerts is for Google, why it misses information, what kind of information is missed, and how to create the market and competitive intelligence alerts that we deserve. (lebih…)

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